5+ Best Small SEO Tools Of 2023 (Free Trial)

Best Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools are a great way for seo professionals or newbies alike to optimize their website for search engines.

These tools can help you identify on-page optimization issues, check plagiarism, implement new SEO best practices, get in depth analysis of your online business and even make your site crawlable by Google.

There are many kinds of free tools that can be used for different purposes. They range from link checking and keyword research to content analysis and site audits.

A lot of people use these tools because they can help them with proper search engine optimization without having to spend too much time or money on it.

Let’s get into a lot more detail in the sections below:

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What Are The Best Small Seo Tools For Indepth Web Analysis?

Here are all the tools when it comes to best seo solutions for seo professional or anyone who needs more traffic for better online business performance and solve seo issues.

1.QuillBot (Free Trial).

quillbot article rewriter home page screenshot

QuillBot is an seo tool that helps you in writing emails, essays, or social media posts.

It is the best article rewriter that can be used to write nice meta tags for a blog and cuts your writing time by more than half.


quillbot article rewriter pricing plans home page

There are 2 price packages which are as follows:


Premium: Annual cost $49.95 billed every 12 months, Semi annual goes for $39.95 billed every 6 months and monthly sells at $9.95 USD billed monthly.

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2.Grammarly (Free Trial).

grammarly home page screenshot

Grammarly helps you to run a spell checker, compose mistake-free sentences or phrases and it’s an AI-powered desktop Windows app.

Grammarly is the best plagiarism checker and spell check tool that can be used to count words or change them and works better than different seo tools of its kind.


grammarly pricing plans screnshot

Grammerly has 3 pricing plans and they are:


Premium cost $12 per month.

Business sells at $15 per month.

Try Grammarly.


whoer home page screnshot

Whoer is one of the best proxy tools online today that enables you to check whether your laptop computer allows for Flash and Java, as well as its language and system settings.


There are 3 price packages in here and they are:

For 1 month you will be billed $9.90 per month.

For 1 year it will cost you $3.90 per month.

For 6 months you pay $6.50 per month.

Try Whoer.

4.Keyword Planner.

keyword planner home page

Keyword planner is one of Google’s efficient keyword tools that will help you to conduct thorough keyword research and get your ad in front of the right customers so that you can win more clicks from search engines.

Try Keyword Planner.

5.Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker (Free Trial).

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker is the most powerful backlink analysis tool, is the second active website crawler after Google and has the best backlink database in the industry.

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6. DomainWheel (Free).

DomainWheel is one of the best domain related tools that help you to select from various blog names from your input.

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What Are Small SEO Tools?

Small SEO tools are a set of online applications and resources that assist website owners, digital marketers, and SEO professionals in optimizing their websites for search engines. These tools are designed to analyze various aspects of a website’s performance and provide valuable insights to improve its visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Small SEO tools encompass a wide range of functionalities, including keyword research, backlink analysis, website auditing, content optimization, rank tracking, and more. They offer quick and user-friendly solutions that can be accessed without the need for extensive technical knowledge or expensive software.

One of the main advantages of using small SEO tools is their accessibility. They are often available as free or affordable web-based applications that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. This makes them particularly useful for small businesses or individuals who may have limited resources but still want to enhance their online presence.

These tools provide valuable insights into various aspects of SEO, allowing users to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. By utilizing small SEO tools effectively, website owners can optimize their websites’ performance, attract more organic traffic, increase visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), and ultimately achieve higher conversion rates.

FAQ On Small SEO Tools.

In this section, we will look at some commonly asked questions on small seo tools.

How Can I Check Plagiarism Rewrite?

When it comes to creating original content, ensuring its uniqueness is of utmost importance. Plagiarism can have serious consequences on your credibility and reputation as a writer. However, checking for plagiarism and rewriting content can be a time-consuming task.

Fortunately, there are various tools available that can assist you in checking plagiarism and rewriting your content effectively. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to compare your text with a vast database of existing content to identify any potential matches or similarities.

By utilizing these tools, you can easily identify any instances of plagiarism in your work and take the necessary steps to rewrite and rephrase the affected sections. Not only does this help maintain the originality of your content but also ensures that it meets the highest standards of integrity.

In addition to providing plagiarism detection capabilities, some tools also offer suggestions for alternative phrasing and synonyms to help you enhance the uniqueness of your writing. This allows you to rewrite your content in a way that is not only free from plagiarism but also maintains its clarity and coherence.

So if you’re looking for an efficient way to check for plagiarism and rewrite your content while saving time and effort, using these specialized tools is undoubtedly the way forward. Don’t compromise on originality – make use of these helpful resources today!

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What Is An Online Ping Website Tool?

An online ping website tool is a valuable resource for website owners and administrators. It allows them to monitor the availability and response time of their websites or servers. By sending a ping request, the tool measures the time it takes for a server to respond, helping users identify any potential issues or delays.

This tool is especially useful in diagnosing network connectivity problems, as it provides real-time data on how quickly a server responds to requests. It can also help identify any potential bottlenecks or latency issues that may be affecting website performance.

Additionally, an online ping website tool can be used to test the reachability of a specific IP address or domain name from various locations around the world. This global perspective allows website owners to ensure their sites are accessible from different regions and troubleshoot any accessibility issues.

Overall, an online ping website tool is an essential resource for anyone who wants to monitor and optimize their website’s performance. By providing valuable insights into server response times and network connectivity, it empowers users to take proactive measures in maintaining a reliable and efficient online presence.

What Are Backlink Analysis Tools?

Backlink analysis tools are essential for any digital marketer or SEO specialist looking to improve their website’s search engine rankings. These tools provide valuable insights into the backlinks pointing to a particular website, helping users understand the quality and quantity of these links.

By analyzing backlinks, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of their website’s link profile and identify opportunities for improvement. These tools offer features such as backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, anchor text analysis, and link quality assessment.

One of the primary benefits of using backlink analysis tools is the ability to identify and disavow toxic or spammy links that may be harming a website’s SEO performance. By removing these harmful links, marketers can protect their website from potential penalties imposed by search engines.

Moreover, backlink analysis tools also help in identifying high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. These valuable links can significantly boost a website’s credibility and organic search visibility.

Does Spell Checker Count Words?

While spell checkers are primarily designed to identify and correct spelling mistakes, they do not typically include a built-in word count feature. Word count functionality is usually found in dedicated word processing software or editing tools.

Word count is an essential aspect of writing as it helps writers and editors keep track of their progress and adhere to specific guidelines or requirements. Fortunately, most word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs offer a built-in word count feature that allows users to easily determine the number of words in their document.

It’s important to note that while spell checkers may not directly provide a word count feature, they still play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and error-free writing. By catching spelling mistakes and offering suggestions for corrections, they contribute to maintaining the overall quality of written content.

What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags play a crucial role in optimizing web pages for search engines. They are snippets of code that provide information about a webpage’s content to search engines and website visitors. Meta tags are hidden from the user’s view but are essential for improving the visibility and relevance of a website.

One of the most important meta tags is the title tag, which appears as the clickable headline in search engine results. It should accurately describe the content of the page and include relevant keywords to attract users’ attention.

Another essential meta tag is the meta description, which provides a brief summary of what users can expect to find on a webpage. It should be concise, compelling, and include relevant keywords to entice users to click through to your website.

Additionally, there are meta tags such as robots.txt, which instructs search engine crawlers on how to access and index your site’s pages, and canonical tags that help resolve duplicate content issues.

What Are DNS Records?

DNS records are an essential component of the internet infrastructure, playing a crucial role in ensuring that websites and other online services are accessible to users. Understanding what DNS records are and how they work is vital for anyone involved in managing or maintaining a website.

DNS, which stands for Domain Name System, is responsible for translating human-readable domain names (such as www.example.com) into IP addresses that computers can understand. DNS records contain information about a domain’s various resources and services, enabling proper routing and communication across the internet.

There are several types of DNS records, each serving a specific purpose. Some common types include:

1. A Records: These map a domain name to an IP address, allowing users to access websites using their domain name.

2. CNAME Records: CNAME (Canonical Name) records alias one domain name to another. They are commonly used when setting up subdomains or redirecting traffic from one domain to another.

3. MX Records: MX (Mail Exchanger) records specify the mail server responsible for handling email delivery for a particular domain.

4. TXT Records: TXT records store additional text-based information about a domain, such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings for email authentication.

5. NS Records: NS (Name Server) records indicate which DNS servers are authoritative for a specific domain.

Understanding how these DNS records function allows website owners and administrators to manage their domains effectively, ensure proper email delivery, set up subdomains, implement security measures like SPF and DKIM, and more.


Now you know, that using these small seo tools is really going to enhance your website performance with just a few clicks as well as help you grow your online presence through content optimization.

RECAP: My #1 recommended small seo tools are QuillBot and Grammarly.

Which of these small seo tools or seo content software are you going to try out to help achieve better rankings online?

Let me hear your voice in the comment box below.

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