7 Best Animation Software For Chromebook (2023)

Best Animation Software For Chromebook

Want to know the best animation software for chromebook? Go with Animaker, Wevideo or SimpleShow.

Animation software for chromebook has played a major role in the animation industry. It has helped animators to create high-quality animations without having to install any additional software.

Animation is not just for kids anymore. It can be used to make presentations more interesting and engaging or to create video clips for social media.

Let’s get into a lot more detail in the sections below: 

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What Are The Best Animation Software For Chromebook?

There are many animation software for chromebook that are used in the video creation space to create professional looking videos.

The Following Are The Best Animation Software For Awesome Videos.


amimaker home page screenshot

Animaker is a platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create animation
and live-action videos for every moment of our life.

It provides a ton of helpful features that enable customers to produce beautiful animated content and stay one step ahead of their rivals.

Animaker Lite is a distinctive, lighter variation of this platform. 

It provides only the tools that are really need along with an easy-to-use interface to quickly build extremely basic animated presentations.

An sophisticated HTML(Hypertext Markup Language)5 engine powers Animaker, delivering fluid performance on browsers with the best compatibility. It enables users to produce animations in 4K quality quickly. 


animaker price plans

There are 3 pricing plans in here and they are as follows:

Basic if for $10 per month.

Starter goes for $19 per month.

Pro cost $49 per month. 

Try Animaker.


wevideo home page screen shot

WeVideo is the online video editor for all to easily create their own videos for friends and family.

It is made to help professionals and novices alike make high-quality videos. 

To make content more appealing, it features a ton of animated text, layouts, photos, music tracks, and video effects.

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WeVideo enables you to easily mix and match with more than 600 graphic media formats, edit up to 4K films, and import virtually any sort of video. 

You also get limitless media cloud storage. 

Price Plan.

wevideo pricing screen shot


There are 3 pricing plans her and starts at $7:

Creator starts at $7.99 per month.

Business is for $29.59 per month.

Enterprise costs: you need to book a meeting with them.

Try WeVideo.


simple show home page screenshot (1)

SimpleShow enables you to make create animated presentations and videos. 

Even if you’ve never made or edited a video, you can create a short one in a matter of minutes.

They have created explainer videos for their customers for a long time. With this video editing you can make professional videos, or edit existing videos. 

Pricing Packages.


simpleshow pricing plans

You can choose between 3 price packages in here and they are as follows:

Pro starts at $129 per month.

Business cost $499 per month.

Enterprise: You will need to reach out to them.

Try SimpleShow.


powtown home page screenshot

This Powtoon app offers simple animation that enables you to edit and create animated clip by adding graphics, your own voice recordings, appropriate background music, and pre-designed features to current films.

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It is now among the top visual communication platforms for making educational films and presentations. The best part is that anyone can create professionally looking videos in a matter of minutes without any graphic or technological expertise.

Price Packages.


powtoon pricing plans

There are 3 basic plans in here which are:

Pro cost $20 per month.

Pro+ is for $60 per month.

Agency starts at $100 per month.

Try PowToon.


vyond home page screen shot

Vyond has a huge library of photos, movies, GIFs, and templates enables users to produce expert video content for usage across all industries in capacities including training, marketing, and e-Learning. 

It makes it simple to create simple animated presentations or creating informative videos with a lasting impression.

Price Packs.

vyond home page pricing plans

There are 4 pricing packs in here and they are as follows:

Essential sells at $49 per month.

Premium goes for $89 per month.

Professional is for $159 per month.

Enterprise: You have to contact them for a price package. 

Try Vyond.

6.Digicel Flipbook.

digicel flip home page screenshot

Digicel flipbook is a web based animation platform that makes it easy for you to scan your artwork from the paper onto the software and it’s simple to use. 

Overall, it’s excellent for novices. Digicel Flipbook is the best option for individuals who want to learn animations and be able to come up with educational or promotional content.



There are 3 educational pricing packages in here and I am going to explain them below:

FlipBook Lite cost $19.99 Sale Price.

FlipBook Studio is for $49.99 Sale Price.

FlipBook ProHD sells at $99.99 Sale Price.

Try Digicel Flipbook.


toonboom home page screen shot

Toonboom is a top-notch app for creating visually attractive projects ranging that shows and improve your animation abilities. 

With its motion graphics elements, you can use it to provide the most recent developments in the field of digital drawing.

Every inscription, every texture, its visualization suitable narrative templates and every design will be nothing less than a masterpiece. 

You have a wide range of possibilities because the pricing packages are available in several plan.


toonboom official price screen shot

They have 3 main packages and they are:

Storyboard pro which goes for USD $530.50 /year.

Harmony 21 that sells at USD $214.50 /year.

Producer22 goes for a cool $495 per month and a 21 day free trial to test things out.

Try Toonboom.

What Is Animation Software?

Animation software is the process of creating a sequence of images, known as frames, which give the illusion of movement when they are displayed in rapid succession with slight variations from one frame to the next.

Animation software is used in many industries such as film and video games. Animation software can also be used for 2D or 3D animation. 

What Are The Benefits Of Animations And Their Role In Our Everyday Life?

Animations have become a part of our everyday life. They are used in a variety of ways, from making boring content more engaging to illustrating complex concepts.

Here Are 5 Benefits Of Animations And Their Role In Our Everyday Life:

  • Make boring content more engaging.
  • Used to illustrate complex concepts.
  • For storytelling.
  • Used as a marketing tool.
  • Conducive to social media.

What Are The Main Video Animation Tool Features For Full Fledged Video Editors?

For you to be able to create professional animated videos you need to consider the features of the

Some features that video animation tools have are:

  • Text Animations.
  • Character Animations.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Transitions.
  • Effects.

How Do I Choose Which Animation Software For Chromebook Fits My Needs?

There are many animation software for chromebook, but not all of them are equally suited to help you create professional videos that are animated presentations or create stunning animated content. Here are some factors to consider before you decide on the best animation software for your chromebook.

  • The operating system of your computer should be compatible with the animation software you choose.
  • The software should have a trial version so that you can try it first before purchasing it.
  • It should have all the features that you need in an animation software including making animations, recording voiceovers and creating sound effects etc.

FAQ On Animation Software.

What Are Stunning Animated Videos?

These are videos that are created using a combination of video and animation techniques such as stop motion animation, rotoscoping, and computer generated imagery.

What Are Informative Animated Videos?

These video type are a visual way of conveying information to viewers. They are often used in educational settings and are also used for marketing purposes. 

What Are Professional Animated Videos?

These videos are a great way to provide an engaging and visually stimulating experience for your viewers. They can make you stand out from your competitors because they are both entertaining and informative. 

What Is A Video Maker Use For When Making A Fast Animated Video With A Script?

Video makers can be used when making fast videos that are animated with a video script. They have the ability to create a video storyboard, record voiceovers and animations, and produce the final video.

How Do I Go About Editing Videos With Simple And Complex Animations?

If you are looking to start edit videos with simple animations, then you can use an editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. These tools are available for free and have basic features that can be used to edit videos.

If you want to edit more complex animations, then you need to download a video editor that has advanced features. Some popular video editors with advanced features are Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro and Cyberlink Power Director. These programs are expensive but they provide more options for editing animations in your videos.

Can Pre Animated Characters Be Used To Create Engaging And Interactive Games?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. It depends on the type of game that you want to create. For example, if you are designing a game for kids, then it can be done.

What Are Video Enhancing Filters?

They are tools that are used to make videos look better and more appealing to the audience when looking to create stunning animations. They can be used to change the colors in a video, remove noise from a video, or even add special effects such as raindrops.

How Do I Insert Background Music Into An Animated Video Tutorial?

There are two ways to do this, depending on what you want to do. You can either add the background music to the video itself or you can play it in the background while the video plays.

1. Add Background Music to Video:

To add music to your video, simply import your song into a new project and drag it into the timeline of your animation software. Then, select all of your frames and go to properties in timeline, select soundtrack and then choose your song from the drop down menu.

2. Play Background Music:

To play music in the background while your animation is playing, import a sound file that you like and place it at a point in time where you want it to start playing.

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How Do I Automatically Convert Written Sentences With An Animation Software?

Converting written sentences into an animation is not a difficult task. You can use any of these animation software to do the job for you.

The first step is to create a text file with the sentences you want to convert.

The second step is to go to the website that converts your text into an animation. I recommend using Animatron.

The third step is to upload your text file, and then choose whether you want it as a video or an animated GIF.


Animations can be used in different ways depending on what you want to achieve with numerous drawing tools or with animation apps.

If you want to start animating, then you can use animation as a creative tool or as an educational tool, and it can have different effects on the reader depending on what type of animation you choose to use.

RECAP: My recommended best animation software for chromebook are Animaker, Wevideo or SimpleShow.

What do you want to achieve with animation and which software are you going to try out?

Please drop your views or comments in the box below.