I Review Various Software Related Products/Services And Blogging Strategies To Help You Succeed.

This is the core focus of this site since it was founded by Francis Danso in 2022.

My main focus has and will always be to help you succeed online whether you are looking to buy software or app related products and services or starting a profitable blogging business in the 2020’s.  

Who I Am

Francis Danso

I am Francis Danso, the founder of this website francisdanso.com since 2022.

I have lost a reasonable amount of cash to various online scams programs when trying to figure out how to earn consistent income but made $0.

Now, I have finally gotten there.

This was how it all started…

I started back in 2017.  By then my monthly income from my 9-5 day job was just hand to mouth with no other source of incoming flow of money.  

I still remember that day when I read an article on the internet about Wealthy Affiliate and saw proof of how I could make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Guess what, I was scared to lose money to online scam.

But, I still took the bold step of joining Wealthy Affiliate, created my first website and here I am today earning fulltime income as an Affiliate Marketer.

My first month I made a whopping $0.  I worked hard with ZERO revenue.   

Did I give up?

Absolutely not.  Although I wasn’t financially successful, I had created a website.  My very own website.  

That was a freakin’ accomplishment to me!  

Why, because I knew I had a side business that will make me money in the days ahead.

I had also learned how to write a page of content and get it published.  These were both successes in my eyes. I was still in the process of learning and building my foundation.  

So moving on, guess what I made my 2nd month?


Now you are probably saying, what the hell Francis, why didn’t you quit?  

I had by now learnt a lot inside Wealthy Affiliate and knew that I have built my foundation for success and there was nothing to stop me because I was on fire to make money online.

I just had to give it time and make it work!I knew I was getting close.I was….and my hard work from the first two months PAID off.

Early in month 3, I made my first SALE online with Wealthy Affiliate. WOOHOO!  I made first $23.50 USD.

how i made my first income online

Below was the email notification I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

email notification I received from Wealthy Affiliate

A second look at my $23.50 earning with Wealthy Affiliate.

And from there, things started to snowball.  The work I had done in the first two months started to pay dividends.

Then by Month 6: I was making a consistent income.  

BUT, none of this would have been possible if I quit or gave up.

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I believe with my experience, I can save you from losing your hard earned monies to these bad guys like I did.  

My Methodology       

My goal is to help you get the best results when trying to purchase anything relating to software products and services as well as starting a blogging business and making good money with it.

My strategy for doing this is to review various products and services and give you my honest review on them.

I Am Glad To Have You Here

I must say that I really appreciate you for your time and efforts in going through my about page and I know you will love to always pay a visit to this blog.

Thanks for your time and efforts here.

Francis Danso.