7 Best Digital Writing Tools Of 2023 (AI Tools)

7 Best Digital Writing Tools Of 2023 (AI Tools)

I always want to rank my content on page 1 of Google with minutes of optimization and that is why I choose to go with Surfer and Jasper as my recommended digital writing tools.

The way people write is changing. With the growing popularity of digital tools, a lot of people are getting accustomed to writing in a different format.

There are many best digital tools that can help you with your professional life and personal life alike.

You can use them for your work-related tasks such as content marketing and social media management or personal tasks like blogging or even sending text messages.

It’s just up to you which one you want to go with!

Let’s dive in deeper in the section that follows below:

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What Are The Best Digital Writing Tools?

Here Is A Selection Of The Best Tools To Help You In Writing Persuasive Essay And Improve On Your Writing Habits.


My #1 Recommendation.


Surfer is the only content optimization platform with superior algorithms and created by a team of 50 techies and developers to help you rise to the 1st page of Google with less than 30 minutes of Surfer optimization.

It has a natural language processing algorithm that helps you in writing or creating compelling and engaging content.

The algorithm uses mind maps that analyzes the text, identifies the sentiment, and generates the appropriate story line for the writer to continue with.

Features Of Surfer.

  • You need to have a look at these awesome feature.
  • Content or Online Editor.
  • Content Planner.
  • SERP Analyzer.
  • SEO Audit.
  • Free Outline Generator.
  • Keyword Surfer.
  • Content Editor Extension.

Price Plan.


There are 3 pricing packages in here and they are.

Basic goes for $59 monthly and when you go yearly you enjoy 17% off the usual price and only pay $588.00.

Pro or Premium version is for $119 monthly and when you go yearly you enjoy 17% off the usual price and only pay $1188.00.

Business cost $239 monthly and when you go yearly you enjoy 17% off the usual price and only pay $2388.00.

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My #2 Recommendation.


Jasper is an AI writing assistant that can help you generate high-quality articles.

It can give you the right words and phrases in your desired style and tone.

You just need to provide it with the topic, keywords, and a general idea of what you want the article to be about.

Jasper will do the rest for you!


  • Create original content that ranks for SEO.
  • Generate educational blog articles that are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.
  • Boost ad conversions with better copy.
  • Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

Pricing Plan.


Jasper with all its amazing features that is going to help you end writer’s block forever, publish content 5x faster and boost sales with better copy comes at an affordable price when considering the kind of value you will derive from it.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post actually earns me a commission which is at no cost to you at all. However, my recommendations in this post are super relevant for you if you want to achieve a better life and income moving forward from today.

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Yes, it actually has 3 pricing plans and I will let you know here:

  • Starter pack is for $49 monthly.
  • Boss Mode goes for $99 monthly.
  • Business pack. For this package you will need to contact their support team for custom plan & price.

Jasper is a powerful writing software that provides powerful features to manage everything from one place.

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With Rytr, there is no more juggling with tools for SEO, grammar, and more while writing and all what you have to do is to just focus on creating high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost.

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about writer’s block again.

Now you can easily create blog post, emails, ad copies, auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in popular tones & languages in just a few seconds.

Just pick a use case, enter some context, and boom…your copy is ready!


  • Here are the key features of Rtyr Ai writing tool:
  • Blog idea and outline.
  • Business idea pitch.
  • Copywriting framework: AIDA.
  • Email for marketing.
  • Landing page and website copies.
  • Reply to reviews & messages.



This software helps you to generate 5,000 characters per month on free plan and upgrade to premium plan for unlimited usage — starting at $9 a month.

Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money!

Here Are The Breakdown Of The Pricing Packages.

  • Free and upgrade as you scale.
  • Saver goes for $9/month and you can upgrade for $90 a year and Get 2 months free!
  • Unlimited plan goes for $29/month and you can choose to go fpor a year plan for $290 and get 2 months free!

Try Rytr.



QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that can help you to rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art AI.

An artificial intelligent tool that is designed to ensure that you get the best results. QuillBot’s paraphraser can rephrase any text in a variety of different ways, guaranteeing you find the perfect language, tone, and style for any occasion.


  • Here are the features of Quillbot:
  • Paraphrasing Tool.
  • Grammar Checker.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Co-Writer.
  • Summarizer.
  • Citation Generator.
  • Word Counter.

Price Plan.


Quillbot has 2 pricing plans and they are as follows:

  • Free.
  • Premium goes for.


Under the Premium plan there are 3 plans to choose form and they are as follows:

Annual offers you a best value and goes for $4.17USD per month and $49.95 that is billed every 12 months.

Semi Annual is for $6.66USD every month and $39.95 which is billed every 6 months.

Monthly goes for $9.95USD and it is billed monthly.

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Grammarly is a writing tool that checks for grammatical errors in writing.

Grammarly has become one of the most popular tools for proofreading texts, especially for those who are not native speakers of English.

It is a useful tool for students to improve their essays, business professionals to make sure they don’t make any mistakes while drafting emails, or bloggers who want to make sure their content is error-free before publishing it on their website.


Grammarly as an awesome software has the following features:

  • Grammar Checker.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Essay Checker.
  • Tone Detector.
  • Style Guide.
  • Snippets.
  • Analytics.
  • Brand Tones.

Price Package.


There are 3 pricing plans here and they are:

  • Free.
  • Premium starts at $12.00USD and billed monthly.
  • Business starts at $15.00 USD and billed EVERY month.

Try Grammarly.



Scalenut as a digital writing tool is going to help you to race past your competition at the speed of 5 minutes per blog and rank on Google with automated NLP key terms.

The tool has been designed to generate engaging and high-quality content across different industries and topics.

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It also offers an AI-powered editor that ensures the text is error-free and provides suggestions for improvements.

With Scalenut, you can easily start from a single keyword and get detailed reports filled with actionable insights to help you rank high on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

You get access to knowledge of key terms, h tags, readability, intent, etc. to help you create the best content for your target audience and rank.


  • Seo Hub.
  • AI Copywriter.
  • Talent Network.
  • Chrome Extension.
  • Cruise Mode.
  • Topic Clusters.
  • App Integrations.



There are 3 pricing plans in here and they are as follows.

Individual is perfect for individual creators and consultants and goes for $12 a month.

Growth is ideal for budding startups and growing businesses is cost $32 month.

Pro is best for large teams, businesses and agencies and will cost you $60 a month.

Try Scalenut.



ArticleForge is a content generation tool that does not require any previous knowledge of the topic.

It can be used to generate articles, posts, and more.

This software is designed to help you create content for your website or blog without having to know anything about the topic.

It generates articles and posts for you automatically with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can use this tool to create an article or post in any niche such as finance, technology, or business.



There are 3 pricing plans in here which are as follows:

  • Basic Plan Cost $13.
  • Standard Is For $25.
  • Unlimited Goes For $57.

Try Articleforge.

What Are Digital Writing Tools?

Digital tools are a new way of creating content.

They are becoming more and more popular because they allow people to create content without the need for any creative skills.

With AI assistance, copywriters can put their skills to use in a more efficient way and generate content at scale.

They can make sure that they are not wasting time on skillsets that they don’t have and instead focus on what they are best at – creativity and emotions.

How Are Digital Software’s Helpful?

Digital or online tools are useful for content writers because they can help them in generating ideas at scale. They also come in handy when you need to generate content for a specific topic or niche.

Some AI software’s are designed to help you create and publish content on social media. These tools can also help you keep track of your social media marketing efforts, analyze your posts, and monitor how well your posts are doing.

The Use Cases Of A Digital Tool Include:

  • Content generation for websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Creating sales copy.
  • Writing blog posts and articles using relevant words.
  • Writing emails and newsletters.

Why Should I Use The Best Writing Tools?

With the help of digital writing tools, writers can generate content with the click of a button.

These tools are especially useful for writers who have to produce content on a regular basis.

A List Of 7 Reasons To Use AI Tools For Writing:

1. It saves time.

2. It saves money.

3. You can write anywhere and anytime you want.

4. You can generate content in different formats (text, audio, video).

5. You don’t need any special skills to use them.

6. You don’t need any special software or hardware to run them (all you need is an internet connection and your favourite browser).

7. They are easy-to-use and intuitive.

How Do I Choose The Best Digital Writing Tool.

Choosing the best digital writing tool can be a difficult task. There are many tools available in the market that offer different features and functionalities.

Some tools are more suitable for bloggers while some others are more suitable for content writers.

There are many factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a digital writing tool that is perfect suits for your needs and requirements.

Here Are The Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Tool For Your Web Pages.

1. Type of content being created.

2. The platform on which it is being created.

3. The type of audience it is targeting.

4. The budget allocated for this purchase.

FAQ On Digital Software.

Let’s have a look at the common questions that people usually ask.

How Are Digital Tools Helpful To High School Students In Their Note Taking?

High school students in their note taking process can use digital tools to help them with their notes. This tool is helpful because they allow students to take notes immediately, organize and annotate those notes, and share the information with other people.

How Can An AI Tool Writing Prompts Help Content Creators?

Content creators need writing prompts to write for their target audience. This tool can help content creators with this by providing them with a variety of writing prompts that are relevant to the topic and industry they are in.

There are two types of writing prompts which are Creative prompts which focus on generating ideas and Structured prompts which focus on structuring ideas.

How Does Writing Tool Help Inspire Students Or Young Students In Their Learning Process?

In the age of AI software’s, students are often faced with a lot of information and they need to be able to filter out what they need. This is where AI software come in handy. They can help students find relevant resources and determine what is important for them.

Digital tools also provide an opportunity for students to learn in a more interactive way. They can use these tools for research purposes or as a tool for teaching itself.

What Is The Role Of Google Docs When Creating Content?

Google docs is a tool that can be used to create content. It provides an easy way to edit, share and collaborate on documents. It also has a simple interface with the tools that you need to create your content.

How Can Content Written With Interactive Tool Engage Students?

Digital tools can be used to engage students in various ways using the right words. These tools can be used to create interactive and engaging content that can be easily shared with others.

Can Teachers Use Digital Tools For Their Lesson Plans?

Teachers can use digital tools to enhance their lesson plans. They are able to take advantage of the latest technology and make their lessons more engaging and interactive.

What Is The Difference Between Free Version And Premium Versions Of Digital Tools?

Premium is for more expensive than the free version, but they have a lot more features. The free version is for basic needs and the premium is for complex needs.

The premium version of these tools often include advanced features that are not available in the free ones. These features make it easier for people to generate content and create high-quality content at scale.

Is It Fun Using Digital Writing Tools?

A lot of people have a misconception that the use of digital tools is not as fun as writing with pen and paper. However, the truth is, it can be a lot more fun. With writing software, you can be more creative with your content and get instant feedback on what you are doing.

Executive Summary On Digital Writing Tools.

Creative writing process is not an easy thing in this digital age and requires writing skills and AI writing software’s.

Which is why most writers or people choose to hire professional copywriters and content writers for this writing tasks.

It is cheap and affordable to launch an online presence. In this manner, you might begin one using my link below on a little budget and steadily expand it over time.

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But if you are the type who don’t have the budget or time to hire someone else to write for you, then it’s worth trying out digital writing software and Google docs to help you with the writing process.

Also, do not forget to go through your final draft to check for grammar errors and overused words when writing.

RECAP: My #1 recommended creative writing tools are Surfer and Jasper.

Now, which digital writing tool or online tool are you going to try out as content creators, students, teachers or educators to save time and money when creating the best post that your readers love or keep track of what you have learnt as high school students?

Hope you have learnt some writing skills here which are going to help you in doing research and also avoid grammar mistakes.

Do provide feedback in the comment section about my post and i will be glad to hear from you.

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