7 Best Video Editing Software Under $50 (Top Guide)

Best Video Editing Software

Want to know my #1 recommended video editing software? They are Magix Movie Edit Pro and Clipchamp.

Editing software is an essential tool for video editors and we will be looking at the best video editing software under $50.

There are many different software available in the market today; however, some of them are more popular than others and can help to produce professional quality videos.

The introduction of video editing tool has allowed for more people to have access to the industry. It has made it easier for people to produce their own videos and share them with others.

With its basic and advanced features one can utilize all the features that the software offers by applying them in creative ways.

However, there are still many people who don’t know how to use video tool or how to edit a video without making any mistakes.

That is why I am here to help you out in the section that follows below:

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What Is The Best Video Editing Software?

Here Is A Selection Of The Best Professional Video Editing Software.

1. Magix Movie Edit Pro.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium official home page screen shot

Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium has advanced features which can grow with you as video editor and improve your editing skills.

For semi-professional and do-it-yourself users of Windows PCs, Magix developed Movie Edit Pro, also known as Magix Video Deluxe in Europe.

It is the most popular video program in Europe and is renowned for being simple to learn and having stable rendering.

In 2001, the initial version was released.

For the first time, a video editing program, according to the creator, it incorporated the concepts of non-destructiveness and object orientation.


  • Dynamic title animation.
  • clean interface.
  • Active destination track import.
  • INTEL GPU hardware acceleration.
  • improved Image stabilization.
  • xavcs video compatibility.
  • chroma keying.

Pricing Plans.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium prices screen shot

Magix Movie Edit Pro has 3 pricing plans and they are as follows:

  • Movie Studio Cost $2.99/Month.
  • Platinum Goes For $3.99/Month.
  • Suite Sells At $4.99/Month.

Try Magix Movie Edit Pro.


Clipchamp official home page

Clipchamp offers advanced features like cropping, rotating, speed control, audio track, color adjustments, and text addition.

A software that helps you to make slideshows, video memes, Facebook cover videos, YouTube videos, Instagram video advertising, and more. The Facebook ad creator tool from Clipchamp can be used to create adverts for your business. To assist you in creating effective commercials, it also includes audio and advertisement templates.

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Additionally, the video editor provides editable templates that may be used to build slideshows for businesses, cinematic presentations, etc. 


Trim, Record Webcam, Record Screen, Video Overlay, Mobile App.


Clipchamp prices home page

There are 2 price plans here and the are:

  • Free.
  • Essentials that goes for $11.99.

Try Clipchamp.


wevideo official home page screen shot

WeVideo can be easily integrated by educators with their existing LMS (such as Google for Education, Canvas, etc.), making it simple for you and your students to export projects. Software solutions for education are available for both school systems and individual teachers.

A cloud-based platform well renowned for its various business and educational video software products.

On a variety of systems, including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and iOS and Android mobile devices, editing videos is simple. Making inventive use of backdrop videos is possible with a green screen.

Powerful Features.

  • Online Video Editor.
  • Screen Recorder.
  • Green Screen.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Meme Maker.

Pricing Plans.

wevideo official price packs

We have 3 reasonable prices here and they are.

  • Creator which goes for USD 7.99/monthly.
  • Business is for USD 29.59/monthly.
  • Enterprise, you need to contact them.

Try WeVideo.

4.Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora official home page

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing program that includes drag-and-drop effects, templates, audio, filters, soundtracks, and more.

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You can use the drag and drop features to add various transitions, filters, motion elements, video, audio, titles, etc with its user friendly interface.

And you have access to the Green screen option, which enables you to edit or erase the video’s background.


  • Split Screen Features.
  • Key Framing.
  • Motion Tracking.
  • Speed Ramping Features.
  • Screen Recorder.
  • Preset Templates Features.
  • Auto Beat Sync.

Price Packs.

Wondershare Filmora prices

There is the annual plan and the perpetual plan here.

  • Annual plan costs US$49.99.
  • Perpetual plan goes for US$79.99.

Try Wondershare Filmora.


EaseUS home page

EaseUS has numerous fundamental timeline editing capabilities, including cut, trim, split, merge, and rotate, are included in their video editor and has user friendly interface.

Additionally, you may add video effects, use one of 50 pre-installed transitions, and alter the speed of your recordings to slo-mo or accelerated speed.

Its data recovery software has been downloaded over 72 million times and it’s gaining popularity because of its excellent features, simplicity, and convenience of use.


  • Video Editing Features.
  • No Video Length Limit.
  • Advanced Effects, Filters, Etc.
  • Remove Watermark Features.
  • Export 1080p Video.
  • 7/24 Technical Support.


EaseUS prices screen shot

You can try this video editor for free or buy it at a cost of USD$17.97.

Try EaseUS.

6.Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi video editor has a video editor that you can use to create any kind of video, including wedding, vacation, birthday, and home movie footage.

Your movies can be improved by adding captions, filters, and animated transition effects and you can also add pre-made intros to your videos using Movavi video editor’s services. 

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Movavi video editor Effects Store also offers the opportunity for you to select and purchase hundreds of transitions, stickers, video intros, backgrounds, titles, etc.

Price Packages.

There are 3 pricing plans here and they are:

  • Video editor plus costs USD$39.95.
  • Video editor plus goes for USD$59.95.
  • Video editor suite is for USD$79.95.

Try Movavi Video Editor.

7.Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC home page

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a component of Adobe Creative Cloud. Since the workflows are perfectly connected, you can modify your video without leaving your timelines. This adobe premiere elements helps you to work with the most recent video formats using Premiere Pro CC and it is easy to use interface for more advanced users. Any screen can properly display content produced by Premiere Pro CC.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC price packs

The cost of this adobe premiere elements is USD$20.99.

Try Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

What Is A Video Editing Software?

A video editing software is a computer application that edits, assembles and produces video content. The software includes video capture, editing, and rendering tools. Video editing software can be used to produce professional-looking videos for broadcast, online streaming or sharing on social media platforms.

The rise of digital media has led to an increase in the use of video production tools such as video editing software. Video editing software allows users to edit and produce high quality videos with ease. The main advantage of using this type of software is that it provides users with the ability to create their own content without having any prior knowledge about the subject matter.

How Are Professional Editors Using The Software In Different Ways?

Here is how this professional video editing software is helping in video editing:

1. Creating Visual Effects.

The most common use of video editing software is to create visual effects such as transitions, animations, and other special effects that make the final product more appealing to the audience.

2. Making It Easier To Share.

Video editors can also use the software to make videos easier for viewers to share on social media or other platforms like YouTube or Instagram where they have an audience already established.

3. Adding Soundtracks.

Another way that video editors can use the software is by adding soundtracks that match with the mood of their videos.

What Are Some Common Advanced Editing Features Of The Best Video Editing Software?

Advanced video editing features are essential for professionals who want to add a professional touch to their videos.

The Following Are The Common Ones.

1. Motion Blur: Motion blur is a filter that can be added to videos in order to create a cinematic feel. It is typically used in action scenes or when there is movement on screen and it can be used as a way to give viewers an immersive experience by making them feel like they are actually there. It can also make the viewer feel more connected with the subject matter of the video because it creates an emotional connection between people and objects on screen.

2. Color Correction: This feature allows users to adjust different color tones in their videos so that they match the desired look and mood of the creator

FAQ On Video Editing Software.

Here we will answer some of the powerful video editing software question you may want to know about:

What Are The Best Video Editing Practices?

There are many best practices that you can use to make your video editing experience easier.

Best practices for using a video editing program:

• Use a tripod or a stable surface to keep your camera still while filming.

• Avoid using shaky hand-held shots as they can make a video difficult to edit later on.

• Use a high frame rate when filming in order to avoid motion sickness when watching the finished product.

What Are Video Editing Media Files?

Video editing media files are digital media files used in the process of video editing. They are typically created by a computer and may include multiple audio or video tracks, and other types of data such as text, graphics, and animation.

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They can be saved as a single file or divided into separate files for different purposes.

The most common type of video editing file is a sequence of digital images that can be edited together to create a moving image sequence.

How Can I Take Full Advantage Of Video Editing Software To Ensure 360 Degree Video Editing?

It is now possible to produce videos that can be viewed from any angle. However, it is important to ensure that you are taking full advantage of it. This includes having an idea for your project and finding a 360 degree camera.

The following are some tips on how to achieve that with the best video editing software:

  • Have an idea for your project before you start shooting your footage. This will help you decide what kind of content you want to produce and what kind of effect you want to achieve with the footage.
  • Find a 360 degree camera that has been designed with this specific purpose in mind.

What Is A Free Version Of Video Editing Software?

A free version of this editing software is a program that usually comes with limited features, but it is still capable of editing.

This type of software is widely used by beginners who are just getting started in the world of video editing. It can also be used by people who want to edit their a video without spending a lot of money on expensive programs, but they still want to make their video look professional.

What Is A Chroma Key In Video Editing?

A chroma key is a type of special effect in video editing that allows the color of one thing to be replaced by another. It is often used in screen effects as well as other special effects.

What Is The Lifetime License Of Video Software?

The lifetime license of video software is the number of years a person can use it for free. If a person purchases a new copy of the software, they will not get another lifetime license.

The lifespan of video this software is dependent on the company that creates it. For example, Adobe has a lifetime license for its Premiere Pro CC software, which lasts for 5 years after purchase. After this period, users must purchase an annual subscription or upgrade to a newer version in order to continue using the software.

What Is Color Correction In Video Editing?

Color correction is a process where the color of an image can be adjusted to create a desired effect. It is an important step in video editing that helps to make the final product look better.

What Is The Difference Between Open-Source And Proprietary Video Editing Software?

The difference between open-source and proprietary software is the license agreement.

Open-source software has a license agreement that allows users to copy, modify, and redistribute the software without any restrictions. On the other hand, proprietary software has a license agreement that restricts users from copying, modifying, or redistributing it.

The primary difference between open-source and proprietary video software is the licensing agreement. Open-source software is licensed under an open source license which allows users to copy, modify, and redistribute it freely. On the other hand, proprietary software is licensed under a restrictive license which restricts users from copying or modifying it.

What Is The Difference Between A Video Editor And An Audio Editor When Editing Video?

There are many people who are confused on the difference between a video editor and an audio editor. This is because these two terms are often used interchangeably.

A video editor is someone who edits or changes the content of a video to make it more appealing to viewers. For example, they might cut out specific scenes or add in new shots.

Audio editors work on audio files like songs and podcasts to make them sound better, smoother, or more professional. They might also edit out certain parts of the file that don’t sound good or adjust volume levels to make it sound better for listeners.

The main difference between these two types of editors is that video editors only work with videos while audio editors can also work with audio files such as podcasts and songs.

How Does Video Software Help Small Businesses?

It is an important tool for small businesses. It helps them to create professional videos that can be used on their website and social media.

This software is available at a low cost, which means that it’s accessible to any small business. Many of these tools offer automatic video transitions, which are great for businesses who don’t have much time or budget for editing by themselves.


New users should be aware that video editing software can be quite difficult to use and there is a lot of trial and error involved.

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They should also be careful when it comes to choosing the right software for their needs as not all software are made equally.

As a new user who may be looking for more features with this tool, you don’t need to go for any expensive equipment because you are just starting out.

What you need is a tool that has simple interface, feature updates and can integrate with other programs.

RECAP: My #1 recommended video editing software are Magix Movie Edit Pro and Clipchamp.

Which video software do you plan on using among the listed ones here?

Please leave a comment.

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